Call for topics

Have a topic about corrosion mitigation that you feel is important for the industry to talk about? What to share your corrosion knowledge to people from around the world? Then submit your topics along with a short 1-2 paragraph abstract. Topics for each month are being developed. NACE reserves the right to schedule topics based on industry needs and availability of other speakers. You will be contacted by NACE staff on next steps if accepted

Submit Topic
Why should you be a speaker with MitigateNOW?
  • Get access to that month’s virtual series.
  • Receive stats on who participated (registrants company and state, number of participants) *Please note, no contact informationfor the registrants will be provided.
What is required to be a speaker?

Requirements and benefits of speakers:

  • Follow presentation guidelines. No commercialism, 60 minutes or less, use provided PowerPoint template, etc.
  • Record presentation using the step-by-step guide NACE provides. Be sure to check that the recording went well. Recording may be edited by NACE.
  • Upload to NACE through file sharing.
  • Provide NACE with a PDF copy of PowerPoint.
  • Sign agreement allowing NACE to distribute PDF and recording presentation to register attendees only.
  • You must be available to participate in the Thursday live zoom Q&A meeting.