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Zerust VCI Gel For Shorted Pipe Casing Corrosion Protection

About Zerust Oil & Gas

Zerust Oil & Gas, a division of Northern Technologies International Corporation (NTIC), is the world’s leading supplier of Vapor Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) based solutions for the Oil & Gas Industry. Based in Circle Pines, Minnesota, with offices in 55 countries, they have over 50 years of experience with products and solutions that reduce steel corrosion in multiple industries.

Zerust Oil & Gas has corrosion solutions for aboveground storage tanks, equipment preservation, offshore rigs/platforms/FPSOs, flange protection, pipeline preservation, and pipe casing protection.

Zerust VCI Gel Solution

For the protection of shorted pipe casings, Zerust has developed a unique blend of corrosion inhibitors and gels that is injected into the annular pipe casing space. The Zerust corrosion inhibitors protect the carrier pipeline both in direct contact, using Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs) and also through VCIs that protect the entire annulus vapor space.

Gel crystals are introduced prior to injection through the vent pipes. Inhibitors neutralize contaminants on contact and in the vapor space of the annulus. The amount of VCI required depends on the volume of the annulus and any contaminants that may be present.

Zerust’s FVS product contains both VCI and Soluble Corrosion Inhibitor (SCI) components. The SCI neutralizes contaminants on contact in the liquid phase while the VCI vapor molecules protect in the vapor space.


  • Using VCI to protect pipe casings is a cost-effective option to extending the life of these important assets.
  • Corrosion rate monitoring can be provided using ER and UT probes or coupons.
  • Installation of the VCI and monitoring equipment, in most cases, can be accomplished through the vent pipes without excavation.

Product Applications

Zerust Oil & Gas has a High Viscosity Gel, Powder, and Solution product application methods that can all be used in the following scenarios:

  • Protection in a metallic short scenario
  • Protection in an electrolytic couple scenario
  • Protection for when casing corrosion may be a concern but there is no short or couple.

Zerust’s Solution Application is also suitable for long lengths of pipe with varying elevations, bends and other geometric/dimensional parameters where a powder or gel is not feasible.

Contact Zerust Oil & Gas

Our team of experts awaits your corrosion questions and looks forward to providing you with corrosion solutions. Contact us at to receive access to view animations of how our pipe casing solutions work. Please visit our website at to learn more.


About Mears

Mears, serving industry over 50 years, a respected, qualified provider of corrosion engineering, construction, integrity services to Oil, Gas, Energy industries. With over 125 NACE certified engineers, technicians, skilled workforce address’ needs in corrosion control and integrity solutions. Services are Turn-Key, Direct Assessment, ILI/DA digs, AC Mitigation, cathodic protection testing, design, and installation, pipeline rehabilitation.

Mears provides NDT services for pipeline and pressure vessel inspections.

Mears Integrity Solutions provides safe, high-quality, cost-effective integrity services and solutions for client needs.

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