Surface Preparation

February 18, 2021 9:00 am Central Standard Time

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Ken Rossy

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, HoldTight Solutions Inc.
Presentation: Soluble Salts … Todays Solution to an Old Problem

Ken Rossy is a 29-year veteran in the corrosion control industry with experience specifying, selling and assisting with application of coating and paint systems in the industrial market and specifically in the petrochemical, refining, marine, food and transportation sectors. He has sold coatings, tape systems, fireproofing, insulation coatings, surface preparation products and coating related equipment. Rossy has sold these products as a manufacturer's representative, distributor and as a direct employee. Additionally, Rossy has managed a coatings application company. Currently, Rossy is Vice President of Sales and Marketing for HoldTight Solutions and serves on the Board of Directors for the Houston Coating Society. He is a member of NACE, SSPC and a Level 1 Certified CIP Inspector. Rossy holds a BBA in business from Baylor University and MBA from the University of Texas at Austin.

Loren L. Hatle

Corrosion Exchange, LLC
Presentation: Corrosion, Treating the Cause and Not the Symptom

Founder, and Chief Technical Officer of Corrosion Exchange, LLC., formed to identify and eliminate corrosion causing mechanisms and aid in long term asset preservation. The objective is to reshape and redefine the corrosion prevention industries by ensuring technologies used are the leading solution for substrate preparation and protection. Over 42 years' experience in corrosion control, 10 years in sandblasting and coating application, 32 years in coatings inspection and consulting, (NACE International CIP Certified #207). Inventor of corrosion control processes and products since 1985 and has received multiple patents. The latest One Step Decontamination System deals with the removal of water-soluble and non-water-soluble ionic contaminants which included removal of microbial by product contaminants to eliminate and retard this corrosion process. Additionally, is a board and long standing member of the Coating Society of Houston and maintains a duel membership in the newly formed AMPP.

David A. Hunter

Principal | Coatings Program Manager, Pond & Co.
Presentation:  Better Prep Equals Better Coating Life

David Hunter is the Coatings Program Manager at Pond & Company, where he is also a principal of the company. He is a civil engineer with over 25 years of industry experience consulting in protective coatings, linings, composites and passive fire protection materials on over 5,500 structures, including bridges, water and fuel tanks, offshore platforms, ships, piers, commercial buildings and even an offshore lighthouse. Hunter's industry certifications include SSPC Protective Coatings Specialist, NACE Level 3 Coating Inspector, Cathodic Protection Technician, Offshore Corrosion Protection Technician and API 570Piping Inspector. He is an Instructor for both SSPC and NACE International, and has been published in magazines such as JPCL, Materials Performance, Corrosion & Materials, CoatingsPro and Inspectioneering.

David Adamski

Specifications Manager, ROCKWOOL
Presentation:  Stonewool Insulation Selection And The Impact On Corrosion

David Adamski has been working in the insulation industry for over 25 years crossing several disciplines from tradesperson to salesperson to management.   He has used and sold all types of insulation and jacketing systems.  Now with ROCKWOOL Technical Insulation, he works as Specifications Manager specializing in the technical aspects of insulation related to the industrial market segment.